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Advanced Breast Cancer? You Are Not Alone!

  • 28 September 2014
  • Author: Erma Shaw
  • Number of views: 5994
Advanced Breast Cancer? You Are Not Alone!

Are you living with advanced breast cancer (secondary/recurrent/metastatic/stageIV)? It doesn’t matter what it’s called. Just when you thought you had put the disease behind you you learn it’s back. Or perhaps the cancer was first found when it was already in an advanced stage. It’s estimated 165,000 women and men are presently living with metastatic breast cancer in the USA. 

We recognize the support needs for those diagnosed with advanced (metastatic) or recurrent breast cancer are often markedly different from those who are newly diagnosed. To support one another on this journey, Bosom Buddies of Arizona offers assistance in finding connections for those with metastatic, advanced and recurrent breast cancer and would be glad to help connect you with someone in your area. Please feel free to contact Erma Shaw at


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